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Since 1990 the company "ENGENHARIA DAS VENDAS" (it means Sales Engineering) is dedicated to developing solutions for the expansion of business customers around the country.

We are pioneers in Market Intelligence Projects, integrating Location Intelligence process analysis with IPMe - Market Potential Index.

IPMe is an algorithm composed of over 25 socioeconomic variables obtained from primary indicators released by the Government, compiled with other secondary information thereby generating an "index" for each municipality in Brazil.

Through it you can scale sales objectives and the best markets for existing and new products, especially those who are seeking in Brazil a business opportunity


   - Strategic Planning

   - Market Research
   - Market Potential Analysis
   - Market Intelligence
   - Location Intelligence
   - Strategic definition of the best regions for your business development
   - Positioning of potential competitors
   - Distributors or representatives search in whole country
   - Economic and tax advice for the correct pricing


The search for opportunities in a country the size of Brazil requires knowledge of the consumption potential indicators of each municipality and detailed location of major target customers in all regions.

Sectorial Analyzes" are market studies that provide specific information on Economic segments in which your company wants to enter. We have a database with 18 million enterprises, which lets you select the universe of "QUALIFIED LEADS" gathering details of each besides geographic and economic information for each region.

The material consists of detailed information in Excel, Digital Maps and an analysis carried out by professionals in our company, resulting in a relevant Sectorial Analyzes that allows the preliminary study of the Brazilian market in several ways.


We have a BigData with over 130 million of qualified information that allows us to target your audience according to the briefing provided.

An advanced Digital Media solution enables communicating with those leads, promoting your brand and company directly in the cell of these people (SiSi)

We create campaigns and execute all the operational part and tracking the results.


Our experience has resulted over the years in serving approximately 400 customers in different services and projects of various market segments across the country, providing us with a wide expertise in various business segments.

We have a team of Associated Consultants and a large network to keep us updated with the movements and trends of the various markets.

If your market is B2B we organize and structure a suitable business plan to their interests, however, if you are focusing on the end consumer, we have identified the best areas and the best sales channels for your product, service or technology.


Brazil is a vast country with 5,570 municipalities, located in 27 states and have a population over 200 million of inhabitants. Merchandising can still group Brazil in five regions: North, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and South

Despite having the same language and the same currency, the country's regions have very specific Consumption Potential for each economic segment and line of business.


In Brazil there are about 5.0 million companies - Industry, Trade and Services - of all sizes, national and multinational (also in our Big Data)

If we consider only the 638 cities with a population over 50,000 inhabitants, we have a concentration of 71% of the Consumption Potential. The different realities encountered require analysis and in-depth studies of the Brazilian Market to ensure business success.

Our company understands the complexity of the domestic market, its diversity and business environment and is fully prepared to meet your needs regarding growth and new business development in Brazil

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