The cosmetics market in Brazil


World ranking

position in the world ranking in the consumption of cosmetics


retail segments

beauty sector is among the top ten Brazilian retail segments


US$ 15.5 billion in domestic sales



The large pharmacy networks offer a varied mix of cosmetic products in one place, which is synonymous with comfort and convenience for the consumer. They have become true “health and beauty stores”.

19,000 franchised STORES

There are more than 19,000 cosmetics stores and perfumery in Brazil only of franchised networks. There are thousands of other independent stores. A great example of a successful franchise is “O Boticário”, which has more than 3,500 stores nationwide.

origin of imports

Brazil imported cosmetics from 76 different countries. The top 5 suppliers are:
Argentina (15.7%), the United States (15.1%), France (14.9%), China (11.7%) and Mexico (8.7%

Cosmetics and the Brazilian Consumer Behavior

The Brazilian population is closely linked to the beauty, vanity and care of the body: dyeing and treating hair, taking care of the skin, attending manicures and painting the nails almost weekly, are very common practices among women, for example. Even the hygiene habits are differentiated, according to surveys, Brazilians bathe on average 3 times a day.

Although the purchases are not only carried out by women, they are that determine much of the destiny of the money in the category. In the purchase of men's products, for example, they correspond to 93.2% of the total buyers. At the time of the decision, the priority is quality: 63.7% of Brazilians care more about the product than about the price, 18.5% seek quality, 14.3% prioritize the price in relation to quality, and 3,5% consider only the price.

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