Our goal


You define the customer profile and we seek in the market

Work Steps


We identify with your company what kind of business it wants to do with Brazil, his products and services, commercial policy and other relevant information to understand the company details

preliminary study

Based on the previous information, we make a preliminary analysis about the opportunities in Brazil, business potential and other variables that assure the viability of the project


Over the years, our Company has formed a database with thousands of information on Individuals and Legal Entities.

They are Qualified Leads, updated all the time.

This tool allows us to make selections and filters of varied universes with potential clients for your business.

Digital Marketing

Customer Selection

Geomarketing ANALISYS

In our database we have thousands of people and businesses cell phones.

Through our SiSi platform we can conduct a Digital Search to identify relevant issues related to your product and service, thus knowing market trends.

The platform also allows carrying campaigns sending photos, videos, technical data and details of yours products.

This is the most important part of our work.

How do you want to sell to Brazil?

  • Find a distributor
  • Directly to customers
  • Select representatives
  • Franchises

We have developed this work by presenting to your company potential candidates for you to complete the final negotiation.

Your product and services are best suited to a public profile, geographic region, economic potential or business segment when the business is B2B.

Our expertise in Market Intelligence analyzes, develops studies on maps and digital bases, finding the best regions for your business.

Eventually you can develop this study together with your distributor in Brazil.

At your option we can still act in the following services

Complementary Services

Support in Brazil

On trips to address specific issues

Support in Contacts

Whenever it is necessary to speak Portuguese


Professionals in Brazil as lawyers, accountants and others

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